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Traffic Diversion Plan for the People of Lahore

The people of Lahore especially those residing in the area near to the Mall Road would be facing difficulty in travelling to and from their destinations today that is Wednesday. This difficulty would be faced owing to the anti-government protest rally by the Pakistan Awami Tehreek leading the opposition alliance.

Relating this inconvenience on roads the traffic police of the city has released a traffic plan. Rai Ijaz Ahmad—Chief Traffic Office informed that Aiwan-e-Tijarat, Nasir Bagh and Jinnah Garden haven been prescribed for the automobiles parking.

For implementing the alternative traffic plan five DSPs, twenty inspectors, five hundred and thirteen wardens and twenty-four lady wardens would be performing the duty. Additionally, eight lifters and three breakdowns would be placed on the Mall Road.

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The protest rally is to be held at the Mall Road, the traffic on Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah, Cooper Road, Egerton Road, Kachahri Road, Hall Road and Boharwala Chowk would face trouble.

The travellers coming from the Canal to Mall Road, would be diverted towards the China Chowk from the Governor House Chowk and then towards Ganga Ram Hospital and Mozang.

The traffic coming from the PMG chowk would face a diversion to Lakshmi Chowk from the Anarkali Chowk. From Lakshmi Chowk, the people could then go to the Shimla Hill, Beden Road.

The Chief Traffic Office mentioned that the commuters could also use the Rasta App and can also get all the required information via FM 88.6—a radio station—relating the traffic and roads situation.

The protests eruption in cities causes serious trouble for the general public. The biggest inconvenience is faced in terms of travelling as due to protests roadblocks and traffic diversions are put at places leading to cause problems for people in reaching their desired locations.

It was a wise decision of the Traffic Police to release an alternate traffic plan before hand so that the inconvnince could be avoided to at least sone extent.

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