Traffic Blocked on Expressway Islamabad

Islamabad was once known for being a serene, calm place with limited vehicles on roads, less noise pollution and surrounded by magnificent mountains and hills. Well, this description of Islamabad doesn’t fit anymore. Islamabad is changing into a vehicle-packed, traffic jammed, noise polluted area, similar to Lahore and Karachi.

Every other day the commuters in Islamabad get stuck in traffic for one reason for the other and the 30-minutes drives convert into a 5-hour frustration.

Right now there is heavy traffic on ExpressWay Islamabad as a truck broke down near PWD entrance.

“There is heavy traffic on Expressway Islamabad between Rivergardens entrance and Gulberg Interchange towards Faizabad. Please use alternate routes.”

Earlier, due to heavy rainfall traffic was jammed packed in Islamabad, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan, adding to the suffering of the commuters.

Traffic jam is becoming a major problem in Pakistan and it needs to be resolved. Collective effort is needed to resolve this issue. From the concerned authorities to the government to every citizen of Pakistan, each of us needs to play a role in controlling issues which lead to traffic jams in the country.

We must inform our readers that Nawaz Sharif is expected to land with his daughter Maryam Nawaz at Lahore Airport on Friday, 13th June. From there he will be directly taken to Islamabad. So expect a massive traffic jam in Lahore and Islamabad on Friday as well as people will come in massive numbers to protest against the verdict.

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