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Traffic Blocked in Islamabad & People are Furious

The twin cities residents are furious at the traffic situation & road blockages issues increasing in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Just today as per sources, a gas line exploded near Sawan Pull, blocking the traffic for hours.

Look at the traffic situation

Here are the videos of the traffic jam

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On Expressway Highway the traffic situation is unbearable.

“The traffic literally chokes on Express way whether peak hours or not. And it’s frustrating Islamabad Administarion needs to plan some alternative route.”

Another issue that has worsened the traffic situation in Islamabad is the development of New Islamabad International Airport. Lack of transport routes towards the airport has resulted in traffic jams near Kashmir Highway. Almost every day the twin cities citizens are facing traffic problems, they are getting stuck in traffic for hours at a time and it is becoming unbearable.

People have expressed their fury and anger towards the traffic issue on Twitter.

“With the inauguration of Islamabad Airport, traffic rush on Kashmir Highway has exponentially increased. Metrobus service has squeezed Kashmir highway from H-13. No lights on Kashmir highway.”

“This is how heavy traffic occupied Mandi Mor on IJP Road triggering gigantic traffic jam in twin cities: Islamabad/Traffic Police see nowhere to control traffic rush”

So much so that due to the traffic situation of the city even PIA has asked its passengers to arrive at the airport  5 hours early.

Look at this tweet

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