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Traffic Blocked in Islamabad due to a Protest

The traffic situation in Islamabad is aggravating with each passing day. Protests are one reason for it and the other reason is the development of New Islamabad International Airport. Lack of transport routes towards the airport has resulted in traffic jams near Kashmir Highway. Almost every day the twin cities citizens are facing traffic problems, they are getting stuck in traffic for hours at a time and it is becoming unbearable.

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Today traffic has blocked in Islamabad due to a protest. If you can avoid it, don’t travel today as protesters have blocked the expressway.

Islamabad Police tweeted,

“Pls avoid using expressway. There is a protest at Koral Interchange. Protesters have blocked one side of expressway whereas other side which is going towards Rawat has been cleared for traffic. Meanwhile, travelers may adopt Kashmir highway 09th avenue or Peshawar road Rawalpindi.”

As per this tweet, the traffic block is because people are protesting for someone’s murder under the old airport bridge. Therefore there is a traffic jam.

“SEVERE TRAFFIC JAM TOWARDS GULBERG. Avoid commute! People protesting someone’s murder under the old airport bridge. Traffic on the halt from both sides. Don’t attempt to go to Islamabad using the Expressway, either. Traffic at standstill.”