Traders to Resume Onion Export

onion export

On Tuesday, the exporters took the decision of resuming the onions export considering the price reductions and the market stability after the arrival of a complete crop of onion from the province of Sindh.

As per the shared details, the association has drafted a formal letter to the National Food Security and Research Ministry.

A self-ban had been imposed by the Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchant Association (PFVA), which started on the 3rd of November for controlling the premature harvesting of the onions for export.

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Earlier, the onion exports were halted owing to the surging demand for the item in the local market and the surging prices.

The PFVA, on the 20th of November after making an analysis of the supply and price of onion in the market, had called a meeting with the exporters and took the decision of resuming the exports from the 27th of November whereas the decision was also informed of to the Plant Protection Department.

The onion price was Rs.2,800 per maund before the ban, but it has now dropped to Rs.1,200 to Rs.1,300 per maund after good onion crops from Sindh arrived in the market.

As per the exporters, Pakistan has an opportunity of exporting the onions in the foreign market for an extra month, during which they could make a foreign exchange for the nation by taking benefit of the extra volume of the item.

After a month the Pakistani onion would be limited as the Indian onions would also be there in the international market by that time.

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