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Traders Delay the Decision to Open Shops


The traders have delayed their previously taken decision of reopening all the markets from today amid the bars that have been imposed for curbing the coronavirus spread and presented their set of demands to the government, which includes the demand for the provision of the cash grants and interest-free loans.

Naeem Mir, the President of the Anjuman-e-Tajiran said that the traders in all the 4 provinces are in talks with the respective authorities and they want to open the shops soon.

He informed that they have presented their demands to the government. He added that the demand includes the provision of Rs.100,000 cash grants for small businesses, interest-free loans of Rs.500,000 for the medium-level traders and easy loan options of Rs. 5 million for the ones with big businesses.

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Previously, the traders alliance of the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had taken the decision of opening the markets thus defying the government’s decision of lockdown after the government announced to allow the low-risk industries to operate amid the bars while the ones in Punjab asked for the permit to operate for a limited span of time during the day.

The traders’ alliance of Sindh was the first one to announce the resumption of activities. While addressing a news conference the leaders of the Sindh traders’ alliance said that the traders have suffered huge losses because of the lockdown that has extended to almost a month.

They said that they would be opening the shops even if the plice arrests them.

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