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Toyota Vitz is the most popular foreign Japanese car in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz is the most popular imported car in Pakistan. It is proven by the fact that in 2017 8,680 units of the car arrived in Pakistan. From 2016 this figure shows an increase of 40%.

Overall the imports of used cars and minivans increased to 65,723 units in 2017 from 38,676 units in 2016, showing an increased by 70%.

Out of all the cars imported in Pakistan, Toyota Vitz remained the most popular foreign Japanese car in Pakistan.

In Japan, the production of Toyota Vitz started in 1999. The same vehicle is sold under different names which are Toyota Yaris, Toyota Echo & Toyota Vitz.

Why is Toyota Vitz so popular in Pakistan?

The car initially attracted Pakistani buyers as it didn’t have much competition. Suzuki Cultus was a competitor but Toyota Vitz offered more comfort, better interior space & improved ride quality than its competitors. Now Suzuki Swift offers similar features as Toyota Vitz.

With the advent of ride-hailing apps like Careem & Uber, the popularity of Toyota Vitz has grown. These companies have imported Toyota Vitz and similar cars to provide a comfortable and easy ride to their customers.

The fuel economy of the car is great. It has a small four-cylinder engine which provides great fuel economy. With the fuel prices skyrocketing in Pakistan, an economical fuel efficient car is always a bonus.

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It’s a nightmare to park a car in Pakistan, but not with Toyota Vitz. It is a mid-sized car with tiny hatchback size thus parking gets simpler.

The car is reliable. Toyota is a company known for its reliability, hence when you can trust the company, you can trust the car.

The car is affordable in comparison to other imported cars in Pakistan. The price of Toyota Vitz 2018 in Pakistan ranges between PKR 15 lacs to 22 lacs.

Now, who wonders why Toyota Vitz is the most popular foreign Japanese car in Pakistan?