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Toyota to Introduce Automatic Parking, Auto-Engine Shut Off Features


Toyota to introduce automatic parking and auto-engine shut off features in its future cars.

The Japanese automobile manufacturer—Toyota has announced that beginning with the model year 2020, the new vehicles of the brand would be incorporating Automatic Engine Shut Off and Automatic Park features, making the automobiles more attractive and classier.

The automatic engine shut off feature works when a vehicle is left operating for a predetermined time frame. The engine would then automatically detect and would shut itself off.

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The smartphone app capabilities would also be included as an additional reminder for the auto engine shut off.

As for the auto-park feature, if a driver leaves a vehicle without putting it on the park, the automobile would automatically shift and/or apply the parking brake, before shifting the automobile into the parking position.

The new vehicles would also come in with boosted audible and visual warnings to its Smart Key System as per Toyota, which already warns and alerts users if the engine is left operating or the car is not in parking mode.

It also gives improved theft prevention and other benefits for personal security.

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