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Toyota Supra is Back after 16 years

The most iconic sports car of Toyota, Toyota Supra is back. After 16 years Toyota Supra will be back from the dead. At the Geneva Auto Show, Toyota has revealed the concept coupe. As per a Toyota spokesperson, the sales of the car will start in the 2019’s first half.

The world is moving towards self-driving, electrified cars. In this age, re-introducing an iconic car, Supra will give Toyota an edge over others or not is yet to be seen. Toyota is known for launching affordable yet comfortable, performance-oriented vehicles. Toyota Supra is all about power and speed as analyzed by IHS Automotive analyst Tim Urquhart.

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Tim Urquhart said, “The last Supra was a bit of a performance icon in its own right — but that was 20 years ago. So the question now is whether the market is hugely receptive to a very fast, nimble, sporty Toyota.”

There is nothing known about the price of the car, but as per Forbes, it might start at $50,000. So in terms of its price range, the car will compete with popular Mercedes SLC Roadster and Chevrolet Corvette.

Toyota currently offers just one sports car which is Toyota 86. Toyota Supra will be better than 86 in terms of its features and speed.

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40 years ago, Toyota Supra launched all over the world. In the 1990s the car became a class and status symbol with its amazing style and a slightly oversized rear wing. After selling almost 600,000 units in 2002 Supra was discontinued.

Since then, Toyota has not been able to launch an amazing, iconic sports car. Toyota 86 sales have been declining in the USA over past couple of years. So it is a good sign for Toyota and Toyota lovers that Supra is returning to the market after a break of almost 16 years.