Toyota has started its special Free Airbag Inflator Service campaign in Pakistan

Toyota has started informing its customers about the servicing of airbags in particular Toyota models, with reference to their earlier campaign on 12th, 13th January 2016, the new campaign is also focused on servicing airbags.

Toyota actually has started the campaign globally named, “Toyota Takata Airbag Inflator Campaign” in order to let customers know about the service need of Takata Airbag inflator, Indus motors in Pakistan is committed to sending the message across the country, the owners of the listed models below need a special attention in this regard.

TOYOTA HILUX Imported Model (2007 to 2011)—Driver Side Airbag Inflator

TOYOTA RAV-4 Model (2003 to 2005)—Driver Side Airbag Inflator

TOYOTA AVENSIS Model (2003 to 2004)—Front Passenger Side Airbag Inflator

All the above Toyota Models are equipped with front Airbag inflators, Toyota believes the inflators become potentially the victim of moisture intrusion with the passage of time. The moisture intrusion can affect the inflator assembly and makes it suspicious to rupture during the crash. Therefore, proper service is required to keep the inflators in working condition.

Toyota has urged customers having the above model cars to contact their nearest Toyota dealership in order to book an immediate appointment with Toyota company and get the Airbag inflators replaced free of cost.

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