Toyota Remains On Top In Pakistan Auto Sector

Sales and production statistics were revealed by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) for August 2017. There was a considerable growth seen in sales of Honda cars but no comparison can be made with the consistent smooth growth of Toyota.

Honda sold 3,946 units in August in comparison to 3,820 units on July 17. So in August, the company sold 126 more vehicles. These statistics include sales of both Honda City and Honda Civic cars.

Now if we look into Toyota, the units of Corolla sold in August 2017 are 4,782 while in July the cars sold by Toyota Corolla are 3875. So in August 907 more cars were sold compared to July. The sales are far more than that of Honda, also considering the fact that Toyota is just selling Corollas in the sedan while Honda has two cars in sedan category.

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The third known company of Pakistan, Suzuki Pakistan’s sales dropped from 1894 units in July to 1776 units in August. Sales of Wagon R surged up to 2,201 units in August from 1936 units in July 2017. Suzuki Mehran’s sales climbed up as well to 3963 units from 2863 units in July 2017. Suzuki Cultus was a disappointment as its sales went down to 1776 in August 2017 from 1894 in July. Suzuki Swift sales improved a bit and went up to 434 units in August from 288 units in July 2017.

Overall if we look into the auto sector of Pakistan, it has seen growth. The sales of cars surged by +10%MoM in August 2017 compared to August 2016.

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