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Toyota Releases First Solar Car

first solar car.

Toyota releases its first solar car.

Toyota, NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan) and Sharp are teaming up in order to develop a solar powered electric car which won’t require any charging. They are combining the best solar panels so that the efficient batteries used in the manufacturing of cars can be replaced all at once which might run forever.

The project manager at Toyota Koji Makino said that the solar car have an advantage. Even though it can’t drive for a long range but it is really independent of charging facilities.

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There is a major issue in electric cars i.e. they still need charging which means they need charging port which are not very cheap. And sun on the other hand is renewable source of energy which does not need any charging port. Some powerful batteries fitted with solar panels are required in the power cars to run in the night time.

It may seem insignificant to join solar energy with a car but the truth is a large amount of energy is needed to run a car.

There is one more development given by this research that the cars can be charged while they are in motion and such thing has never happened before. Still there are some multiple features left which require more effort on them in order to create an optimal solar powered car.

Takeshi Miyao Auto analyst at Carnorama consultancy said this technology will take long time to be seen widely.

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