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Toyota recalls 700,000 vehicles

Toyota South Africa is recalling 700,000 vehicles. The issue is the safety airbags made by the Takata Company. These airbags have disturbed automakers all over the world. Toyota South Africa has confirmed that the affected vehicles because of these airbags are at least 730,000. Some of them go back to 2002.

The company confirmed that there has been no incident reported of any mishaps where airbags exploded or caused any kind of injury to the travellers. The reason these vehicles are being recalled is just as a precautionary measure and to ensure that no mishaps happen in the future.

Takata the Japanese company went bankrupt after the airbag explosion incident. Because of it, many automakers suffered. Toyota is also recalling its vehicles due to this incident. Toyota South Africa will recall them and replace the front airbag inflators of the cars.

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Toyota Company in a statement said, “In the event of an inflator rupture, metal fragments could pass through the airbag cushion material, striking and possibly injuring the occupants in the event of an accident.”

Other than Toyota, Honda also recently re-called its 465,000 vehicles over the same issue of airbags. Toyota and Honda are facing quite a lot of criticism because of this and consumers all over the world wanted the companies to take some action.

If we talked specifically about Pakistan, in March and April 2017 Honda launched a campaign countrywide for its airbag replacement. Japanese and German automakers have been recalling their vehicles for numerous reasons. Nissan, BMW and Mitsubishi have recalled their vehicles in the past years. Furthermore Nissan, the Japanese automakers halted production of its cars because of some issues it was facing.

Let’s see now how much loss the known automakers around the world are going to face because of the airbags issue.

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