Toyota Plans to Install Advanced Self-Driving Technology in Commercial Automobiles First – Research Snipers

Toyota Plans to Install Advanced Self-Driving Technology in Commercial Automobiles First

Advanced Self-Driving Technology

Toyota Motor has the plans of installing the advanced self-driving features in the commercial automobiles first before making these features a part of the cars meant for personal usage, as per a senior official at the Japanese auto major.

It would be easier to apply the self-driving technology that does not need constant and direct human controlling on the taxis and vehicles Toyota is developing, which includes the on-demand ride services, ambulatory hospitals and mobile shops, as informed by James Kuffner—the Chief of Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD).

The vehicle operators could control and monitor when and where they are using and oversee their maintenance, as per the brief Kuffner provided to the reporters at the opening of its new offices in Tokyo.

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He said that it would take more time to achieve Level 4 for a personally owned vehicle, while referring to the automation level at which automobiles could drive themselves under limited conditions.

He added that Level 4 is what actually Toyota is looking forward for to first appear in mobility as a service.

Toyota is all set to launch its first so called Level-2 autonomous cars capable of driving itself on the highway, as part of its plan to develop the self-driving cars over the span of next few years.

Toyota and its suppliers, which includes the Denso Corp, which also makes investment in the TRI-AD, is adopting a longer view towards cars with the self-driving technology and artificial intelligence than many competitors that already market automobiles capable of autonomous highway driving.

Many rivals of the car makers have pared development targets after deadly accidents in the Tesla Inc cars have indicated the complexity of the autonomous technology even as they need to overcome the high regulation barriers.

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