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Toyota New HiAce Deluxe Launches in Pakistan

Toyota has launched the New HiAce Deluxe in Pakistan. Earlier, IMC uploaded teaser images of the 2019 Toyota HiAce, replacing the 5th generation model. The new model will have a protruding bonnet and the engine will not be under the front seat anymore.

The engine of the new model has been moved to the front, keeping the safety measures in mind. If there is a collision, the bonnet will ease the blow.

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There is a new dashboard in the interior ensuring quite a comfortable ride. Furthermore, the new features included in the model are angular headlamps, a broader grille having a large chrome bar, LED lights below the headlamps and a one-door approach.

As the engine position has been changed, the van floor is on equal footing. There are no heated engine seats from the driver and the front-seat passenger. This has reduced noise and high temperature. The driver has more space to change the gear with the new dashboard in place.

The car also has an under-seat compartment in front of the cabin. It will enable travelers to store snacks, drinks and other items. The vehicle has 15 people seating capacity.

It is powered with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that comes with a six-speed manual as well as automatic transmission.

There are three variants of 2019 Toyota HiAce Deluxe that are HiAce Commuter Deluxe Std Roof MT, HiAce Commuter Deluxe High Roof MT, and HiAce Tourer Deluxe High Roof AT. The prices are PKR. 6,480,000/-, PKR. 7,290,000/- and PKR. 8,090,000/- respectively.