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Toyota Launches Clean Karachi Campaign

Toyota has launched Clean Karachi campaign in partnership with I Am Karachi (IAK). Indus Motor Company (IMC) has initiated a Clean-drive campaign all over Karachi City. The aim of the campaign is not just to clean Karachi but also instill a sense of responsibility in the citizens of Karachi. Karachiites will be brought together to work for the betterment of city & keep their own land clean & free of litter. If they will not take charge who else will?

The Clean Karachi Campaign opening ceremony happened at the Umair Memorial Football Ground in Steel Town. Members of Toyota IMC attended the ceremony along with IAK, civil society, and the local community.
IMC delivered the message that they are not just a car manufacturing company. They believe in creating a better society. They want to own the roads and areas of Pakistan by improving them. They have partnered with I Am Karachi to play their part in developing a cleaner, healthier & beautiful Karachi.

Furthermore, with this opportunity, Toyota wants to share their experiences with the local communities. One of the notions started by Toyota is its 5S principle. The principles can be used every individual in any task they do in their everyday lives. The principles guide you on how you can efficiently & effectively perform the tasks to get maximum output.

Feroz Khan, Executive Committee Member, Society for I Am Karachi said that they want to promote a message of hope, possession & pride by fighting against uncleanliness in the city. He said that they want to unite Karachi, in this fight for a cleaner Karachi by implementing Toyota 5S principles to make a difference. In order to make a difference, the mindset of the people has to change.

In this campaign, awareness will be given to the people via different community sessions in various areas, schools, colleges of Karachi. Citizens will be engaged in meaningful dialogues. Their concerns will be addressed and they will be told how they can play their part in creating a Cleaner, Serene Karachi.

Last year, Karachi was named the worst city to live in, drive, for women & city safety. The City of Lights, the biggest city of Pakistan, the city where people find work, home, and living, the city which has history and future is getting lost. So it is high time for the people of Karachi to stand up for themselves & change the worldview.

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