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Toyota Indus Introduces Three New Premium Colors in Corolla XLi


A new scheme for Toyota Xli variant of Corolla has been introduced by Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC). Three new premium colors have been introduced by the company along with free registration for the customers.

IMC has always been willing to launch new promotional schemes for its loyal customers, especially in light of its declining sales in the local auto sector. In the manual version of the XLi variant of Toyota Corolla, three new premium colors have been introduced. The new colors introduced are super white, graphic grey, and silver metallic.

This is a limited time offer. The first 200 customers will be able to avail the free registration offer and these new color options in the Toyota Corolla Xli variant.

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Toyota Corolla Xli manual variant can be booked by customers from any authorized 3S dealership of Indus Motor Company. Also, you can check the availability of your vehicle at any nearest dealership. You can check it online as well from the company’s website.

IMC has been introducing such promotional schemes in the past as well, primarily to overcome the depreciation of Pakistani Rupee against the US dollar along with the imposition of additional taxes and duties by the government.

The company wants to boost its sales by introducing such schemes. Also, it has been reported that Toyota IMC wants to replace its known 1.3L variants of the Corolla model with Toyota Yaris sedan. This means that soon Corolla Xli will be discontinued. This, in turn, means that the company wants to clear out its unsold units of Corolla XLi as soon as possible before it officially launching the Yaris model in the market.

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