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Toyota IMC increases Corolla and IMV Car Prices


Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has increased its vehicle prices due to the rupee devaluation against the dollar and the growing inflation. In the recent hike, the prices of Toyota Corolla XLI, GLI, Altis Grande, Hilux, and Fortuner variants have been increased.

A notification was issued that stated that the increased prices will be applicable from 20th April 2019. Those who have booked their Toyota vehicles already would not have to pay the increased amount.

The prices have been increased from Rs 65,000 and by up to Rs 307,100.

Toyota Corolla XLI

Current Price: PKR 2,0440,00

New Price: PKR 2,109,000

Difference: PKR 65,000


Current Price: PKR 2,119,000

New Price: PKR 2,184,000

Difference: PKR 65,000


Current Price: PKR 2,299,000

New Price: PKR 2,364,000

Difference: PKR 65,000


Current Price: PKR 2,374,000

New Price:  PKR 2,439,000

Difference: PKR 65,000

More Toyota car revised prices are given in the image below.

For tax filers and non-filers, there will be a difference in prices. Also, freight charges will vary in different cities.

Furthermore, Toyota IMC has said that the warranty of the CKD and CBU products has been extended from 2-year or 50,000km to 3-year or 100,000km.

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It is also pertinent to mention here that just back in March Toyota IMC increased the prices of its vehicles and now it has done it again which will be surely a burden on the Toyota customers.