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Toyota expected to launch Android Auto support in its cars

Toyota has already started adding CarPlay in its vehicles since 2018, but those infotainment systems have not given enough to Android users, however, Android users might get good news soon.

According to a Bloomberg report, Toyota has agreed to add direct Android Auto support in its upcoming cars, the company is also expected to make an official announcement the following month.

However, users were able to use the feature through Ford’s SmartDeviceLink but that had limited the appearance on the centre screen and data. Toyota has neither confirmed nor denied the leak, however, the company said it would recognize the increasing demand for Android Auto and also considering a direct support.

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The company has already been late for the party to join the Android Auto Support pool, most of the cars brands already support Android Auto including the ones aren’t very popular.

The absence of such system support might have hurt Toyota sales earlier but that is only an assumption which is derived logically, if you wish to use Waze (Android Based Navigation) on your system then you probably would go and buy Toyota car because it doesn’t support it.

Toyota must have realized (very late though) that in order to compete with Honda and Volkswagen, the company needs to respect the growing demand for Android-based systems, these companies have embraced smartphone connectivity a long time ago.

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