Toyota Camry 2018 price in Pakistan vs Everywhere Else

Toyota Camry 2018 Price in Pakistan

83 lacs to 85 Lacs

Now we will compare the price of 2018 Toyota Camry in Pakistan vs Everywhere else. 

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Toyota Camry 2018 Price in Australia

$27690 which is almost 30 to 32 lacs in PKR

Toyota Camry 2018 Price in the USA

Starting Price: $23,495

Top-tier Toyota Camry Model price: $34950

2018 Toyota Camry Price in India

2018 Toyota Camry Petrol: Rs. 33.00 lakh

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid: Rs. 33.60 lakh

On road price of Toyota Camry Hybrid in India is 43,53,809

2018 Toyota Camry price in UAE

AED 91000 to AED 124,500

In PKR it means approx. 2,739,000 to 3,748,000

2018 Toyota Camry Price in Malaysia

RM 148,600 to 169,900

In Pakistani Rupees it means approx.

PKR 4190000 to 4791000

2018 Toyota Camry Price in China

The market average price of Toyota Camry in China: $23,280

2018 Toyota Camry Price in Saudi Arab

SR 85,050 to SR 120,850

In Pakistani Rupee it means approx.

25 lac to 36 lac

We have seen 2018 Toyota Camry prices in a range of countries from the USA to UAE, Malaysia, India, China, Saudi Arab and Australia. In none of the countries the price is surpassing 50 lacs, no matter the variant. But in Pakistan, the price is in between 83 to 85 Lacs.


The reason for such a high price in Pakistan is because of the high taxes put on all imported cars. It makes the cars in Pakistan way more expensive in comparison to other markets.

A car that is sold in between 30 to 47 lacs all over the world is in Pakistani market sold for 83 to 85 lacs. It is a shocking difference, one that our government needs to address.

Yes, taxes are placed on imported cars but so much taxes that the tax is more than the original price of the car. That is beyond comprehension.