Tourist Protection Force to be deployed in Murree

The government of Pakistan has decided to deploy a special tourist protectionist force at the several picnic spots in Murree.

As per the details, the government took this decision after the rising incidents of maltreatment of tourists by the local citizens of Murree. A video of the recent incident of manhandling has gone viral in which, some local hotel agents were harassing and manhandling a female tourist.

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The details further said that the authorities have decided to install CCTV cameras at several crowded places. Not only this, but the authorities have also decided to form special Help Desks for the convenience of the people coming to Murree.

The local administration had also took the notice of the incident and imposed section-144 against the agents of the hotels who won’t be able to force anyone to stay in their hotel during the visit.

The relevant authorities of Murree have also been directed by the government to register all the hotel guides till the 31st of the current month December.

After the registration process, all hotel guides will be bound to wear a uniform, and must have the name badges as well as cards.

As per the details, the hotel guides shall not be allowed to stop the vehicles of the tourists at Mall Road, GPO Chowk and other routes and won’t be allowed to urge the tourists to stay in their hotels.

As many as 17 people were taken into custody for allegedly being involved in the recent incident of harassing and manhandling of a female tourist at Murree.

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