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Tourism Boost for Madinah—the city of Islamic and Historical Sites

Much initiatives are being taken for the tourism boost for Madinah—one of the most significant tourists hubs of the region. Great steps are being taken to attract more visitors. The city has got many Islamic and historical sites, most of them are related to the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

The sites include historical mosques and the sites of battles. Madinah has enjoyed the status of being the capital of Islamic Culture in 2013 and the capital of Islamic tourism in 2017, and it experienced great development in the tourism sector.

Director General of the Madinah branch of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH)—Khalid Bin Hussein Al-Shahrani while talking to the Arab News said that Madinah is seeing continuous progress in the tourism industry and it owes to the support and guidance of Prince Faisal bin Salman, chairman of the Tourism development council in the region and the governor of the Madinah region.

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Of the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 and the Vision 2030—Madinah is considered as one of the most significant pillar. Because of this reason the Tourism Development Board pursues to revive tourism via many steps, which includes the development of facilities and service location, along with the preparation of the tourist accommodation division which has reached up to five hundred and sixty-five facilities in Madinah area, as well as packages of entertainment programs and the activities.

Al-Shahrani said that the region would be imposing many investment projects that would be contributing to the revival of tourism, which would in turn bring more profits and more job options in this important sector.

He informed that one hundred and seventy-three licensed travel and tourism agencies are present in Madinah, and the SCTH is further to license fifty-five tour operators and eight offices for the booking of tourist accommodation. The count of ascribed tourist guides in the SCTH has reached to sixty-three in Madinah.

Shahrani also indicated that Madinah also has tourist buses providing services which covers historical, heritage and tourist sites of the region. The project was introduced in aggregation with the coronation of Madinah as the capital of Islamic tourism for the year 2017.

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