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Tote Bags Replaces Plastic Bags in Ramazan Bazaars of Lahore

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The government of Lahore is working hard for the protection of the environment. For the same reason, it has decided to replace plastic bags with tote bags.

Recently, a campaign was organized by the government of Lahore in order to spread awareness for the usage of the products which are environmental- friendly and banned the use of plastic bags in 30 Ramazan Bazaars.

About a month ago, this ban was imposed in Hunza. If anyone exports or imports, purchases or uses these bags it will be considered as an offence. 

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This campaign is divided into 3 phases as per the briefing provided to local media by the Karachi Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC). The CBC has also placed a ban on the use of plastic bags within its jurisdiction.

In order to protect the drainage and sewerage system, it is important to enforce a ban on the production, purchase and use of polythene bags stated by the CBC as these bags ruin the sanitation system and is becoming poisonous for the environment.

Even the cloth bags may not be safe for the atmosphere unless they get reused. A large amount of energy is used in the production of a cloth bag than a plastic bag.

In the end, the solution is the use of cotton bags no matter how many times they are used they still would not have any bad impact on the environment.

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