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Topsun motors and Pak-China Motors achieved Greenfield status

Under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) of Pakistan 2016-2021, two companies got the Brownfield status and as much as ten companies got Greenfield status in Pakistan including Topsun Motors and Pak-China Motors.

Two more has been added to the list of Greenfield status by the Ministry of Industries and Production (MoIP) Pakistan. The companies named Topsun Motors and Pak-China Motors have recently accorded a Greenfield status in Pakistan’s automotive industry.

Currently, there are two automotive companies in Pakistan that are granted Brownfield status; however, there are 10 companies who are granted Greenfield status under ADP 2016-2021.

MOIP has circulated the notification which has granted category-A Greenfield status to both new companies Topsun Motors Limited and Pak-China Motors to establish manufacturing plants in Pakistan as reported by Business Recorder.

However, the agreement with MoIP has laid down some conditions for both the companies to which they have to adhere and comply with the conditions of ADP 2016-2021. Also, the Engineering Development Board (EDB) will provide the list of importable components to the companies along with the manufacturing certificate.

According to the policymakers, establishing new automobile production plants will help in bringing down the prices as it can be witnessed in the case of motorcycles. Topsun Motors was founded in 2015 is dedicated to marketing and maintenance of a wide range of automobiles.

Topsun Motors conduct marketing of European vehicles mainly, however, it also promotes vehicles of other origins, the company is currently operating in Punjab only, the company also plans to expand to other provinces of the country. Once, the company expands you will see a wide range of European cars on the roads.