Top YouTube channels in Pakistan

Anyone and everyone can create a YouTube channel for personal and business use. First of all it is important that users create their personal channel on YouTube and then develop their business YouTube channel. In order to entertain, inform and aware the users, people create their YouTube channels. The number of views, subscriptions, likes, and comment on any channel increases its position and audience.

The top 10 YouTube channels, their views, and subscribers in Pakistan are mentioned below. Keep in mind the statistics keep changing by every passing second.


  • Total views: 1579628370
  • Subscribers: 1890294

ARY Digital

  • Total views: 1127145708
  • Subscribers: 1897891

Coke Studio

  • Total View: 781616177
  • Subscribers: 2820938

Samaa TV

  • Total Views: 525056511
  • Subscribers: 1046562

Talk Show Central

  • Total Views: 513497701
  • Subscribers: 1118938


  • Total Views: 347063817
  • Subscribers: 1179133

Rohail Hyatt

  • Total Views: 279162405
  • Subscribers: 741062

Dunya News

  • Total Views: 278586437
  • Subscribers: 609838

A Plus Entertainment

  • Total Views: 270947315
  • Subscribers: 528098

ARY News

  • Total Views: 230483781
  • Subscribers: 729357


When we talk specifically about brands, the top YouTube Pakistani brands are Cornetto Pakistan, OPPO Pakistan, and with 50640605,39207986, and 37082082 views respectively.

The biggest celebrities channels in Pakistan on YouTube are RahatFAKhanVEVO, Nadeem Sarwar and Dr. Zakir Naik with 347545068, 150855357, and 30948661 views respectively.

The biggest community channels in Pakistan on YouTube are Talk Show Central, Enzargul, and with 514395383, 46557028, and 35830086 views respectively.

The biggest entertainment channels in Pakistan on YouTube are Coke Studio, Rohail Hayatt, and Mazak Raat with 782922919, 279326252, and 207138645 views respectively.

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The biggest Pakistani media channels on YouTube are HUM TV, ARY Digital, and Samaa TV with 1579628370, 1127145708, 525988342 views respectively.

The best leading Pakistani places on YouTube are skmchandrc, KKT Pakistan, and Port grand with 934508, 125391, and 23709 views respectively.

The largest audience in Pakistan on YouTube is of Dr.Najeeb Lectures, vu, and Syed Marajuddin with 39823650, 23714981, and 11892184 views respectively.

In Sports, the YouTube channel stats in Pakistan are of Pakistan Super League and Aleem Dar Cricket Academy with 64231511 and 279015 views & 311381 and 941 subscribers respectively.