A degree in Information technology in this age is an asset. We live in digital times with computer science being the demand of the hour. The question is which university is the best in Pakistan in Information Technology disciple. Let’s look at the top ten options for those looking to apply in Information Technology.

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GIKI ( Ghulam Ishaq Khan University):

The name of the university is after the founder Ghulam Ishaq Khan. It is the best engineering and IT institute in Pakistan. Its main campus is in Swabi. GIKI has stayed at the top in HEC Rankings.

Fee Structure for GIKI is

Academic YearFor BS Program in Engineering and Computer ScienceFor BS Management Science Porgram only
2017-2018Rs. 550,000Rs. 505,000
2018-2019Rs. 600,000Rs. 550,000
2019-2020Rs. 655,000Rs. 600,000
2020-2021Rs. 695,000Rs. 630,000


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University Of Engineering And Technology (UET):

Institute is located in Lahore; UET is one of the oldest and higher education institutes of the country. It is very famous for high-quality study and development of science and technology. It is on No 1 rank in top 10 universities in engineering technology. UET always conducts the entry test every year in the Punjab and then top students take admission in the institute.

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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad:

Comsats is one of the top ten IT universities in Pakistan and it has no other campus except the one in Chak Shehzad. It offers students with postgraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees.

Fee Structure:

DiscriptionUndergraduate ProgramsGraduate Programs
Total at the time of Admission118,00068,750
Per Semester96,00046,750

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FAST University Islamabad:

Fast is located in Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar. The university offers postgraduate, graduate studies in engineering, management sciences, business administration, humanities and social science fields.

Fee structure:

Admission FeeRs. 15,000Rs. 15,000Rs. 15,000
Tuition FeeRs. 6,700 per credit hourRs. 7,000 per credit hourRs. 7,000 per credit hour


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Qurtuba University, D.I.Khan:

This university is headed by Dr. Muhammad Zulfiqar Khan Niazi. It offers bachelor, master degrees, doctoral degrees and PG Diploma to the students. The subjects in which Bachelor’s degree is offered are BA (PASS), BA (HONS, BCOM, BED and BSC and Master’s degree are offered in MSc, MCOM, MCS, MED, and MA which Ph.D. is offered in various subjects like education, economics.

Fee Structure Directions:

Every student will pay admission, tuition and other fees/dues (as prescribed by the University from time to time) at the time of registration, and at the start of each semester. The University has the discretion to review and increase the University fee, charges etc at any time without the parents or students consent. Additional fee for the thesis/dissertation/internship/ project for Master Programs will be charged separately.

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The Baluchistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences, Quetta:

The university located in Quetta is offering bachelors and masters programs in IT, computer engineering, BBA and diploma in IT.

Fee Structure:


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Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS):

Located in Lahore, the university offers a degree in Business Administration, management sciences and information technology. It is a globally renowned university of Pakistan.

Fee Structure


Pakistan Rupees

Cost per credit hour
Undergraduate24,300  per credit hour
 Graduate22,600  per credit hour
Standard Tuition Fee
 Undergraduate full time (12-20 credit hours)291,600  per semester
 Graduate (6 credit hours)135,600  per semester
MBA385,850  per semester
EMBA360,250  per semester


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National University Of Sciences And Technology (NUST), Islamabad:

Nust, a university founded by the government of Pakistan was at first established for Armed forces and workers. There are many campuses of Nust, the most famous one in Islamabad. It provides best opportunities for students in the field of computer engineering and science and technology.

Fee Structure:

Academic Programs: Engineering/IT, Bio
Sciences and Natural
Medicine Architecture, Social
Sciences & Business
Admission FeeRS 35,000RS 35,000RS 35,000
SecurityRS 10,000RS 10,000RS 10,000
Semester FeeRS 82,000RS 181,000 per year*RS 95,000


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Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi:

At first, the institute offered diploma due to the limitation of best software and expertise, now it has expanded and offers a degree in computer science and information and computation technology.

Fee Structure:

ParticularsBBA & MBAMS (Economics)

MS (Maths)

MS (Computer Science)



Tuition Fee168,00080,000
Lab cum Library Charges4,5004,500
Students Activity Charges4,5004,500
 Examination Charges1,5001,500
 Development Charges 2,000 2,000
Total Recurring Charges (per semester) 


Per course fee:




Per course fee:



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Air University, Islamabad:

The university is located in Islamabad and it equips students with learning, training and practical implications of theoretical studies in IT field.

Fee Structure here:

S.NoProgramTotal Credit HoursTution Fee Rate(Per Cr. Hr.)Estimated Total Cost of Degree ProgramCredit Hours 1st SemesterTution Fee as Per Cr. Hr. for 1st Semester
BE Electrical Engineering139RS. 4,510/-RS. 626,890/-19RS. 85,690/-
BE Mechatronics Engineering144RS. 4,510/-RS. 649,440/-17RS. 76,670/-
BE Mechanical Engineering141RS. 4,510/-RS. 635,910/-18RS. 81,180/-
BS in Computer Science133RS. 3,438/-RS. 457,254/-16RS. 55,008/-


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