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Top Ten Cool Destinations for Summer Vacations in Pakistan-2018

Pakistan the pure and green land has undeniably longer summers, the winter spell is small lasting only for like two to three months. The country witnesses year-round heat and humidity which could be a bit stressful for some people.

For the ones who craves for vacations and loves to experience and spend their holidays enjoying cold breezes and cool atmosphere in Pakistan amid the hot summers, we have selected ten best cool places for them to visit in this hot summer of 2018 in Pakistan, as most of us could not afford to travel all the way to Europe for enjoying the vacations.

For escaping the scorching heat, humidity and soaring temperatures that rise to 40-50 Centigrade during the normal summer days, one could rush to any of the following cold weather places of Pakistan.

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  • Hunza Valley
    Hunza valley often referred to as the— ‘Heaven on Earth’ for its immense beauty and spiritual nature content. It is the mountainous region lying in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of the country. It is present at the extreme northern part of Pakistan. A trip to Hunza Valley could be your memorable one if you haven’t visited Hunza Valley before.
    Wildlife, Kunjrab Pass (Pak-China Border), amazing forts and the safe environment of the valley makes it the biggest hit spot of Pakistan during summers.

  • Swat Valley
    Also referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Pakistan’, is among the most visited tourist destinations at the northern side of Pakistan. The mild weather of the valley in the region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa encourages the tourists to explore the beautiful land offerings that are the landscapes, lakes, ancient architect, cultural treasures and most of all the warm hospitality of the local-ites. Trip to Swat valley is like trip to heaven and group trip to Sawat could be more enjoyable with friends and family.

  • Skardu Valley
    This valley lies in Gilgit Baltistan. It is known as the coldest city of the country. The fact that makes the valley a must go destination for the travellers is the serenity of the valley, the wilderness and the beauty. It also provides the connection paths for the highest mountain peaks in Pakistan.

  • Gorakh Hill
    The place for a short family trip or friends trip, nothing could be more fun than a visit to this hill station, especially if the objective is to enjoy the luxurious breezes. It is nearly at a drive of eight hours from Karachi. The hill station is a pleasant sight allowing one to connect with nature.

  • Murree
    It is situated within the Rawalpindi district of the province Punjab. Murree is the most visited hill station and is always crowded. It is known for its thrilling fun stuff. From walking on the mall road to the Ayubia Chairlift experience, Murree tops the list of the ten best places to visit in hot summers of 2018 in Pakistan, keeping in mind the low budget constraint.

  • Naltar Valley
    It is one other gem of the region of Gilgit Baltistan. To reach the place one needs to travel via jeeps. Naltar Valley is all about the mountain vistas, beautiful scenery, and wildlife. Overflowed with three different colorful lakes, all linked via non-metallic road alongside a stream.

  • Rawalakot
    It is the most mesmerizing town cum valley of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It is a saucer-shaped valley and is linked with the twin cities via a road journey. Rawalakot is also termed as the pearl valley too for being filled with almond blossoms imparting imagery of distributed pearls in summers.

  • Jhelum Valley
    The Jhelum valley is located at the starting point of Jhelum river in Azad Kashmir. It is provided with the panoramic mountainous views and spectacular hill stations. This valley is provided with an excess of lakes for the tourists.
  • Ayun and Bamburet Valley
    This valley is a bit less green than the Hunza Valley. It is a serene and peaceful valley of Chitral, in mid of mountains, present at the joining of Bamburet river.

  • Kaghan Valley
    Present in the Mansehra district of Pakistan, it is a gift of nature to the travelers from across the country. The heavenly nature of mountains, waterfalls, dales, lakes, and glaciers makes this valley an undisturbed patch of paradise on earth. Family Trip to Kaghan becomes a dream trip for families during the summer vacations.

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