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Top Taxpayers of Pakistan Awarded by PM Khan

Top 150 taxpayers of Pakistan have been recognized by Prime Minister Imran Khan. A formal lunch was arranged for the top 150 taxpayers in Pakistan.

9 taxpayers were even awarded by PM Khan. From the three categories of individuals, an association of persons (AOPs) and companies he chose 3 each and gave awards to them

The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited was the top taxpayer among the top 5 taxpaying companies. It is followed by United Bank Limited. At the third position is the Government Holding Private Limited. The 4th leading taxpayer company in Pakistan is Petroleum Limited followed by Pakistan State Oil.

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The government-owned companies received the first and third appreciation certificates.

The top five taxpaying joint ventures in the AOP category were CR20G-ZKB KLM followed by ZKB Reliable JV. At the third, fourth and fifth position are Advance Telecom, Limak JV ZKB and Air Link Communication respectively.

In the category of individual taxpayers, none of the big guns made it to the top. Pakistan’s top two taxpayers are Saima Shahbaz Malik and her father-in-law Muhammad Yasin Malik. On the third spot is Ahmed Ullah followed by Mian Mansha’s son Hassan Mansha. On the fifth position was PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, however he didn’t attend the event.

Strangely, the known billionaire of Pakistan Mian Mansha was nowhere in the top 30 taxpaying list. But his two sons were part of it.

Imran Khan addressed the taxpaying award ceremony and said, “It is my mission to tax those people in Pakistan whose luxurious lifestyles do not match with the amount of taxes they pay.”

Adding, “Like Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of Species’ that calls for adaptability, Pakistan will have to change itself. Around 1.7 million income tax filers cannot bear the burden of a 210 million population.”