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Top Schools In Islamabad/Rawalpindi In Terms Of Results, Environment & Affordability

The names that pop up in the head with word Top Schools in Islamabad/Rawalpindi would be Beacon House, Froebel, City, and Roots. Are these schools really the top Schools in Islamabad/Rawalpindi?

 What is the criterion of a top school?

  • O-levels/ Matric Results
  • Environment
  • Affordability

These three things basically define if a school is good enough or not. There might be parents around us who want to grow their children in to “Burger Kids”, who want their children to know the latest trends even if they don’t know the spelling of words like “Respect”, “Manners” & “Ethics”, who believe spending millions and billions on their children’s education would ensure their bright future.

On the other hand, there are parents who are looking for schools for their children that generate good result along with having a healthy environment and affordable fees.

We will discuss in this article top schools in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi that fit the requirement of most of the parents and are not just mere brand names.

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AIMS Education System:

Most of the Pakistani parents want to equip their children with modern education along with providing them with an Islamic environment. For them, AIMS Education System is the perfect option. The school also encourages extra-curricular activities. Children from this school won in International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition and National Mountain Hiking Competition.

Here is the website of the school for you to get more information

EMS High School Islamabad:

Never heard of the school? I can expect that, as the school has no proper official website or effective promotion strategies. Despite that, every year children from this school get distinctions in O’levels. In SSCI 2017, 11 out of 31 students scored 90% and above. The students from this school just won the robotic competition and represented Pakistan globally. The environment of the school is such that parents can blindly trust the school administration and staff.

The school has two branches in Islamabad  F-11/4 and H-11. The only point lacking is the school is that it is not so known, the administration should work on the school’s social media presence.

Here is the link of the school

Army public school and college system:

An army like atmosphere and discipline criteria is strict but it attracts to so many parents. Army public school and college system is a school that teaches students not just syllabus book but guide them on how to live their life with discipline and manners.

Link of the school is

Mazen Schools:

It is an international level school in Islamabad with Turkish Standards. The best part of the school is that it has affordable fees. Children are given technology based education, and middle class parents can easily afford it.

Link of the school is

Super Nova:

Super Nova is a school with Eastern values and western education that has made a mark in just a short span. It is a private institution that is registered with Cambridge international Examination. The results of the school are exceptional, last year students from this school achieved two world distinctions in CIE, physics and computers.

Link of the school is

The schools that are mentioned in this article are not mainstream. Most of you won’t know they even exist but their quality and results speak about their excellence. Most of the Pakistani parents don’t want to send their kids to elite schools giving extravagant fesses. There are parents who would prefer schools to teach Quran class over Music Class. There are parents who believe that results matter more than style and fashion. We need to promote schools that are actually working hard and just need recognition.