Top Ride Hailing Companies In Pakistan

The culture of public transport in Pakistan is strong. People use cabs, buses, rickshaws to travel from one place to another. After decades of same old, conventional transport system, now from past couple of years, it is finally changing. Ride-hailing companies are launching in Pakistan to introduce innovation, technology, and modernization in public transport.

In this article, we will discuss the top ride-hailing companies in Pakistan, what services they are offering, how they are unique from each other and what are their flaws.

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Careem started its operations in 2016 in Pakistan. The USP of Careem is that it keeps on coming with new, better exciting offers for the public. From air service, monthly packages, an initiative for startups, discount opportunities, women captain introduction, the company each time has something different and unique to offer. Careem has a range of car types to offer to cater every segment of society. The customer service of Careem is remarkable, they respond to queries and complaints immediately.

There have been issues related to the location on the app. It does not show accurate location at times and it has happened that the driver is unable to find your home.


Uber is an internationally renowned ride-hailing company that started operations in Pakistan a year back. The company does come up with exciting offers now and again like UberPITCH for startups, discounted rides etc.

Their higher price as compared to all other apps is a disadvantage for customers but the major flaw in Uber is that it lacks consistency. They will come up with an offer but don’t know how to promote it. There will be silence for weeks about what Uber is offering and then suddenly the company will announce a new project. So stability lacks in this ride-hailing app.

Daewoo Cab App:

Daewoo introduced its cab service just a few months back.

Daewoo offers just business class cars like Toyota Corolla. It is highly expensive and just targets niche segment of society. This unique feature of Daewoo is both an advantage and a disadvantage.


mLift is a ridesharing company owned by Jazz. The company is there to compete with Uber & Careem but you don’t need an app or an internet connection to book the app. Customers need to dial 7555 on the phone. As per the location, a nearby driver will be sent to the customer. The price and destination would be decided between the driver and the rider on the phone.

So the advantage is that mLift is unique but the disadvantage is that prices are not fixed. If the driver and rider are not able to negotiate on price, it is a problem for both the parties.


The USP of Paxi ride company is that it is solely for women. It does not have an app system, the users call on the call centers of Paxi to book a ride. Another app that is launching in Pakistan just for women is GoSafr. So Paxi will soon have a competitor in the market.


Searching the A-taxi app is difficult as it comes by the name Taxi 7X24. The app offers ride services just similar to Uber and Careem but the app of A-taxi itself is quite confusing and weird. The company needs to work on its app before anything else.

Shahi Sawari

There are thousands of people inhabiting in Pakistan who need an affordable ride. For them, Shahi Sawari is the solution. Shahi Sawari is just a rickshaw hailing app.  It offers cheap rides and is always coming up with promotional discounts and offers which further lower the price of rides.

The problem with the company is that they need to promote themselves more. As many people don’t even know the company exists.

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