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Top Five Most Spoken Languages of the World

To determine the most spoken languages of the world is difficult than one could possibly imagine. Whether to calculate the number of native speakers or by the total number of speakers or the regions where those languages are spoken, there is a variety of answers. Out of more than six thousand languages spoken globally here are the top five spoken languages in the world. The languages are listed as follows and the impact they carryon on us are all individually discussed as follows:


The spoken Chinese language has got five major dialects—Mandarin is the one most commonly spoken. Yue, Wu, Min and Hakka are the other main dialects that are spoken and cover nearly two hundred other dialects. The Chinese language is spoken in more than thirty-five nations with about 1.2 billion native speakers in the world.

Tonal Chinses language is the hardest of all to learn. Written Chinese comes in two patterns—simplified and traditional. The mainland of China uses simplified Chinese technically while Honk Kong and Taiwan uses the traditional Chinese.


The count of Spanish native speakers is more than the native English speakers which is more than 400 million speakers. The beauty of the Spanish language is that it is spoken in different continents throughout the world, hence covering at least half of the continents including Central and South America, Spain and a large majority of the United States.

Within Spain four different languages are spoken with each language being an official language based on its location. The four languages are as follows:

  • Catalan
  • Basque (Euskarian)
  • Spanish (Castilian)
  • Galician-Portuguese

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The English is a universal language of all. More than 375 million people speak English as the first language, while 1.5 billion people speak English as the second language. The language is spoken across the world, the success of the language has been recognized as the language used for the business, along with travel, pleasure and international relations. The language has also taken different types of dialects, depending on where it is spoken.


India has got twenty-three official languages with thirteen various scripts and seven hundred and twenty dialects with Hindi being the language spoken mostly in the northern India and some parts of Pakistan. Almost four hundred and twenty-five million people speak Hindi as the first language and as per an estimation nearly one hundred and twenty million speak it as a second language. Both Hindi and English are the two official languages of India.

Hindi is also spoken in some regions outside of India like Mauritius, Suriname, Tobago, Nepal, Fiji, Trinidad and Guyana.


Arabic has nearly two hundred and fifty native speakers throughout the world. Spoken Arabic has different dialects and differs from the Modern Standard Arabic in various ways—including its grammatical structure which is much simpler, the vocabulary and style which is casual and the letters which are pronounced differently.

Spoken Arabic has got multiple dialects from Tunisian Arabic to Yemeni Arabic. If one wants to learn the Arabic language, then the person should learn Modern Standard Arabic.

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