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Top Cricket Batsmen: Perfectionists Hungry To Be The Best

Being a Top batsman in Cricket is not an easy job to do, cricketers always strive to be the best and give their 100 percent. However, there are times when batsmen go out of form and to bring the good touch back they struggle, and sometimes during this struggle time, they get kicked out of the tournament and even from the cricket team.

It is hard to choose the best player, best batsman or best bowler when it comes to analyzing technique, style, temperament, and brilliance but the batsmen are always measured against the runs they do, no matter how they do it.

There had been great batsmen in the cricket history who haven’t scored much but they were known for their class and style, one of them was former Pakistani opening batsman Saeed Anwar, one of the greatest batsmen in contemporary cricket was Sachin Tendulkar who scored 49 centuries and 96 fifties in One-day cricket. However, his average, on the other hand, was 44.8 which was nothing in front of former Australian batsman Michael Bevan who had an outstanding average of 53.8, similarly, some batsman looks good when they are playing but their performance reflects their true image.

According to ICC, the ranking of players depends on the average score of the players including some other minor factors, but ‘average’ is the basic ranking factor and yes, this is the perfect tool to measure which player is better. You can also check better batsman on to know who the number one batsman is in a specific format.

Different cricket formats also affect ranking, some players are comfortable in playing a short, limited-over game like T20 and some prefer ODIs, some are test specialists as well. The best current batsman in shorter format T20 is Pakistan’s Babar Azam, he is in great form and touch for the last few years in this format.

Best Batsman in ODI cricket is India’s Virat Kohli, and the best current batsman in Test cricket is Australia’s, Steve Smith. However, there is a catch, if you do a comparative analysis of all three format rankings then you will get the best current cricket batsman, let’s do it now…..

Smith did not appear in ODI rankings and T20 rankings within the top 10 players, he only holds Test ranking position so he is at number 3 in comparative analysis. Similarly, Babar Azam does not appear in the top 10 players in Test ranking, however, he is number 1 in T20 and number 3 in ODI rankings so he is placed at number 2. Now Virat Kohli appears in all formats, he is number one in ODI rankings, number 2 in Test rankings and number 10 in T20 rankings. So, in my opinion, Virat Kohli is the top current batsman in cricket.

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