Top IT Companies In Pakistan: Top 10 IT Companies With Highest Export Revenues

Top it companies in pakistan

Pakistan IT industry has huge potential to grow, regardless of so many constraints in research and development, the industry is still growing rapidly, opening national incubation centers is another consolidation for future growth.

The companies selected in this article are with highest exports, this means that these companies have generated most revenue in exporting their products or services to foreign clients.  These companies received Platinum, Silver and Gold awards from PSEB.


1 Net Sol

Net Sol has generated more than $20 million in exports in 2015-16 and has received platinum award from PSEB. The company’s core strength is to provide Financial and leasing products and solutions to more than 200 companies worldwide.

 2 Systems Limited

Systems limited is ranked at 2nd position, it generates between $10 million to $20 million in IT exports. The company has employed over 2500 people. The company provides Telecom and web solutions to clients around the world.


3 S & P Global Pakistan Pvt Ltd

S&P Global Market Intelligence formally known as SNL Financial also generates between $10 million to $20 million in exports. The company provides expertise and solutions to Financial Institutions. Although, S&P global is not Pakistani firm it is a global firm headquartered in New York United States.


4 Teradata Global

Teradata also received Gold Award which is between $10 million to $20 million of exports. Teradata has expertise in Big data, Internet of Things.


5 TRG Global

TRG is the last company in the list who received Gold award, TRG specializes as investment holding company, TRG has clients all over the globe.

6 Medical Transcription Billing Co (MTBC)

Five companies in the top 10 list received Silver award and MTBC is the first one to receive silver award. The revenues generated by all these five companies are up to $10 million. The company’s name itself explains what it does, MTBC provides IT services in Healthcare management to clients based in America, it has more than 1600 employees and 8 offices Worldwide.

7 Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technologies has offices in Islamabad and Lahore, it provides Web, Cloud and IT support services to clients based in US and EU. The company has strong clients base for which they develop IT solutions and products.

8 i2C Pakistan

I2C is at number 8 who received silver award and has exported services totaling up to $10 million. The company specializes in developing products and services in payments systems. The company has clients mainly in banking industry.


9 LMK Resources

LMKR provides IT and software solutions to Oil and Gas Industries, the company has major clients base in US and Canada.


10 Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics provides Electronic Design Automation Software Solutions, the company also provides mentor and training services. The company serves automatic and manufacturing industries mainly.


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