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Top Celebrities & Cricketers Supporting Imran Khan for Pakistan Elections 2018

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Here are the Top Celebrities & Celebrities Supporting Imran Khan for Pakistan Elections 2018.

We all know who Hamza Ali Abbasi supports and those who don’t here is his tweet for you all.

The Hocaes are supporting Imran Khan as well. Here is Urwa Hocane tweet, “Do vote & vote for someone who is honest and not corrupt – Yes you all are already thinking one name – Exactly my point !!

Mawra Hocane tweeted, “Wow Karachi!!!!! Can’t wait to vote for Imran khan on 25th of July!!!”

Farhan Saeed tweeted, “3 days to go!InshAllah InshAllah , Is the one who will make this country prosper and how! it is my strong belief! The people who don’t agree with me have all the right not to! But that is what I think, and I know is right!”

Imran Abbas tweeted, “Let’s support someone who has not been tried and tested..who hasn’t deceived and betrayed us like others.. Vote for change, vote for Imran Khan.”

Famous YouTuber Zaid Ali tweeted, “InshAllah Imran Khan will be the next prime minister of Pakistan!”

Kubra Khan tweeted

Khaani superstar Feroze Khan tweeted, “I am voting for and thaz wazz up!”

Haroon Shahid tweeted, “All set! Last day of elections. A new supporter of Imran Khan is gearing up for some rallies.”

Many cricketing stars are also showing their support to Imran Khan

Wasim Akram tweeted, “A cricketer who became a politician? Or a man who was born to serve this nation, protect our people and lead us in to our own. And one day they will say, that this same man was once a phenomenal cricketer. The time is now for change, Our country Our history!”

Waqar Younis tweeted, “Will it be Easy ??? Nope.. Will it Worth it ??? Absolutely.. Enough is Enough..Time to bring Change All the Best in the upcoming elections Skipper,,We are all behind you

Shahid Afridi daughters are campaigning for Imran Khan.