Top 50 Taxpayers to Enjoy Dinner with the PM

top 50 taxpayers

The federal board of revenue (FBR) has drafted a list of the top 50 taxpayers of Pakistan for the year 2018 who are to be invited for dinner with the Prime Minister—Imran Khan.

A summary for the dinner which is to be hosted by the prime minister has been sent to the finance ministry. The list has got the names of large taxpaying firms and individual taxpayers.

The top most tax paying firms include PPL, PSO, OGDCL and large banks like UBL, HBL, Silk Bank, MCB, National Bank as well as some other firms which includes the telecom companies and cellular phone firms.

The heads of these firms, their representatives or CEOs would be attending the dinner with the prime minister.

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The list of individual tax payers included the following among others:

  • Malik Shahid
  • Syed Shahzad Hassan Shah
  • Abdul Ghaffar Memon
  • Arif Habib
  • Rehan Hussain
  • Hassan Mansha
  • Imtiaz Hussain
  • Muhammad Yasin Malik
  • Babar Ali
  • Syed Irshad Ahmed
  • Mian Amir Mansha
  • Wazir Ali Pardhan

As per sources in the finance ministry the basic objective of arranging this dinner with the PM is to encourage the taxpayers and het their recommendations in policymaking for enhancing tax revenue.

Imran Khan—the prime minister after taking the oath made the announcement that he would he hosting a dinner with the top 50 taxpayers of Pakistan annually.

As per the documents present with the Daily Express, the list of the taxpayers has been forwarded to the finance ministry.

The ministry has been asked to take time from the PM Khan for the event.

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