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Top 5 Toyota Models in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla:

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The most popular and best-selling Toyota model in Pakistan is Toyota Corolla. It is available in Gli and XLI trims. These pleasant looking luxury cars are totally loved by the customers. The design of Toyota Corolla is sleek, interior comfortable and performance extraordinary. The price of Toyota Corolla 2017 ranges from Rs 17.6 to Rs 25.5 Lacs.

Toyota will soon release new Toyota Corolla GLI 2018. The standout features of this car will be its innovative facelift design, uniquely shaped narrow side swept headlights along with an accenting chrome.

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Toyota Prius:

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The fuel-efficient car of Toyota is Toyota Prius. It is a hybrid electric car with 5 door hatchback. There are three driving modes offered in this car that are power mode, eco mode, and EV mode. The attraction of the car is that it is fuel efficient but along with it the car is luxurious, comfortable and stylish. The price of Toyota Prius 2017 is Rs 45 Lacs.

Toyota Camry:

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Camry is a mid-size luxury sedan by Toyota that has advanced features and spacious interior. The yet to release Toyota Camry 2018 will be accessible in four evaluations that are LE, XLE, SE, and XSE. The body of the new Camry is built from an all the more high-tractable steel with better laser welding. It is slightly lower and wider than the previous models. It also has a more innovative & modern back suspension.

The price of Toyota Camry 2017 is Rs 109.5 Lacs.

Toyota Land Cruiser:

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Toyota Land Cruiser is the perfect Toyota model for the elites in Pakistan. It’s beautiful, powerful and luxurious. The engine of the car can beat any other car engine in Pakistan market. The exterior of the car is just pure beauty, as for the interior, it’s a blessing for the passengers.

The price of Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 matches its specs that is between Rs 207 Lacs to Rs 241 Lacs

Toyota Hilux:

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The best compact pickup truck in Pakistan is Toyota Hilux, its durability and performance are unmatchable. The car is tough and versatile. The exterior of the car looks tough, while its interior is absolutely comfortable.

The price of Toyota Hilux 2017 is Rs 21.4 lac to 44 lacs.