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Top 5 Most Successful Businesses in Pakistan

Property Business

The population of Pakistan is increasing with every passing day and so the property business is flourishing. Housing schemes, towns, are booming the real estate business in the country. From Bahria town to DHA, to Askari to the Egyptian billionaire who is starting a housing estate in Islamabad, who does not want to own a house at a decent location. Thus property business is one of the leading most successful business in Pakistan.

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Food Business

Yes, we all need food for survival and this is the reason that on every other corner a new food shop opens up. A food business seldom fails because the residents near any food shop will keep its business going. Now a different concept that has started with food business is themed cafes, music system, a unique environment, and location just to attract more public. Who won’t like to visit a Game of Thrones or Hogwarts café?

App Development Business

As we are moving towards a modern, technologically advanced society all the world is confined to our smartphones. From the ride-hailing companies to health companies, to games, to the food industry all companies have an App. The apps make it easier for users to order food, book for a cab, play games, catch a ride so on and so forth. Thus the App development business is flourishing in Pakistan in current times. Everyone wants to have their own App to appeal to the audience.

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Transport Business

Travelling is necessary wherever you live. To go to school or office you need a transport. There is more concept of bus, taxi or Rickshaw transport in making to move from one place to another. Now in the middle class and upper class of Pakistan people are also availing ride-hailing services like Careem and Uber for transport. Similarly, in cities of Pakistan where metro is available, people use it extensively. Thus thinking about your target audience and city you can start a transport business in Pakistan.

Freelance Business

Freelance is the growing industry of Pakistan. Pakistan is the fourth biggest freelance country in the world. From writing to advertising to designing freelancers are needed in every field in Pakistan and they are highly valued, as they are the best at their job. So if you are looking towards a flourishing business in future, today you can invest in the freelance business in Pakistan.