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Top 5 Most Hated Industries in Pakistan

Have you heard of 5 most hated industries in Pakistan? The industries which are not so popular among customers and people avoid dealing with them are the ones most hated. These are those industries which treat customers in a not nice way and are famous for their dishonesty. The unfortunate part is that customers cannot avoid interacting with these industries; at some point, people must face them. According to the American Customer, Satisfaction Index ranking the most loathed industries are as follows.

Cable providers are one of those. They were able to gain an average customer satisfaction rate of about sixty-two percent only. The worse part is they are not getting any better. The major issue is higher prices, unreliable services, and poor customer service. The customers must pay high fees and do not get reliable results. The company is not ready to solve the problems as well. Stated by ACSI Chairman Claes Fornell, “more than half a million subscribers defected from cable and satellite providers during the first quarter [of 2017]—the largest loss in history.”

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Another most disliked company by the users is internet service providers. The lowest satisfaction that can be of any industry is of this company, sixty-two percent. They are popular for raising their prices and offering unreliable services. There are limited internet plans and it demands great effort to contact the customer service. This has led to a drop in customer quantity.

Wireless phone service has only a seventy-four percent of loyal customers. The agents are famous for not being co-operative. More frustrating is to catch the customer service agents to report a complaint. Their plans do not meet customers’ need as well. They are faced with poor quality calls with an extra fee.

Health insurance is another big industry that has a bad reputation among people. It is found to be a confusing company where people are not sure how to deal with their bills and are not clear about what their plan covers. There are so many cases in the country where users get stuck what they do, how they do and where to complain about it.

Airlines are reputed negatively for not being humble and not co-operating with the customers in a nice way. Uncomfortable seats and extra charges are some of the major problems faced.  Disrespectful employers are also noted by the majority.