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Top 5 Healthcare and Medical Apps for Pakistani Patients

Pakistani application developers are striving to develop updated apps by providing healthcare services and knowledge. With help of innovative entrepreneurs, Pakistan is proud to provide its citizens with apps that give medical information. The top five applications are discussed below.

Top 5 Healthcare and Medical Apps for Pakistani Patients launched in 2016 is a healthcare app that has been downloaded by thousands of people. The aim of this app is to provide people with knowledge of medical assistance anywhere available and the doctors one can look for. Around three thousand doctors have been listed with sixty hospitals from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. One does not need to wait in case of an emergency; the immediate response will be made.

Through one can look for a doctor and book an appointment through this application. For knowing the reputation of the doctor, one can read the doctor’s reviews. This is beneficial for the doctors as well; they can find where to span their patients.

Ring MD

Ring MD is a Singapore based country that is now planning to launch in other countries like Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, India, and the Philippines. Online consultation program will be offered. The app offers the availability of online calls and audio chat that can be done with the doctor which will ease the problems of the patients.

Pharmapedia Pakistan

Pharmapedia Pakistan is not so famous but is progressing among the people slowly. It gives people information about generic drugs, pricing, dosage and medicine brands available. The application is good in a sense it provides data on all the available medicines; so, one can buy the alternative medicine.

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Trequant helps patients of tremors to manage and monitor their conditions. It works in a form of a wristwatch that can be synchronized with the smartphones and laptops through Bluetooth. This app times and tracks the patterns. Once it is detected, it can be shared with the doctor.