Top 5 Global Risks in 2019

World Economic Forum in its Global Risks Report has revealed the top 5 global risks in 2019 in terms of impact and likelihood.

Through two ways the risks have been evaluated, one is the likelihood of an event occurring and seconf is the impact or severity of an event.

In terms of impact the top 5 global risks are

  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  2. Failure of Climate-change, mitigation and adaption
  3. Extreme Weather Events
  4. Water Crisis
  5. Natural Disasters

Then in terms of Likelihood the top 5 global risks for 2019 are

  1. Extreme Weather Events
  2. Failure of Climate-change, mitigation and adaption
  3. Natural Disasters
  4. Data Fraud and Theft
  5. Cyber-Attacks

About Climate change the report said, “The results of climate inaction are becoming increasingly clear. The accelerating pace of biodiversity loss is a particular concern. Species abundance is down by 60% since 1970.

Adding, “In the human food chain, biodiversity loss is affecting health and socioeconomic development, with implications for well-being, productivity, and even regional security.”

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The Global Risks perception survey look at the risks that are considered to be increasing in the New Year. These risks include the economic confrontation between the global powers, erosion of multilateral trading rules, friction between political powers, cyber-attacks, less trust in collective security alliance and others.

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