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Top 5 Business Cities of Pakistan

We will share about the top 5 business cities of Pakistan in this article.


Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and the best one to start a business. It is said that a new business cannot fail in Karachi unless you try really hard to make sure it fails. People in Karachi are open & welcoming towards a new idea, change by a startup. So Karachi is by far the ideal place to start your business. Karachi is the business hub of Pakistan. All kinds of people live in Karachi, Sindhi, Pashto speaking, Urdu speaking, Punjabi, and Balochis. It holds the largest share of Pakistan’s economy having the biggest industrial zones of Pakistan.


Gwadar is becoming the next Dubai in the world under CPEC.

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Due to mega development projects in Gwadar the overall business environment has improved tremendously. Right now in 2018, Gwadar is one of the top business cities of Pakistan. The development of Gwadar Airport, desalination plant for clean drinking water, upgradation of existing 50-bed hospital to 300 beds, development of Gwadar export processing zone, and building of CPEC Institute are major projects going on in the city. Overall this has boosted the business environment in the area. There is more rush in restaurants, more people want to buy a property in the area, making Gwadar best city to start a business.


Islamabad being the capital of Pakistan is the most important city of the country. In terms of technology, there has been a lot of development in the area with the establishment of two IT parks. There are many private multinational companies that have their offices in Islamabad and hire local people. So there are many job opportunities for people residing in the area. Also, the headquarters of top telecom companies are also located in Islamabad. Thus in terms of technology growth & business, Islamabad is the best city.


In recent times Peshawar has seen growth in human and infrastructure development. Billion tree tsunami was a major project that was initiated by KPK government. It has opened jobs in the area, welcomed diversity and empowered the people. Similarly, the BRT Project going on in Peshawar will just develop the city further. Slowly and gradually Peshawar is rising to its potential. Right now Peshawar is undergoing a change and in a couple of years, it will become the best city for business in Pakistan.


Under CPEC a lot of investment has been done in Lahore. China, Turkey, and other countries have started projects in Lahore. Also, many government-owned companies like WASA and WAPDA are located in Lahore. Slowly and gradually Lahore is becoming the second biggest financial hub of Pakistan after Karachi.

Another amazing thing about Lahore is its food. A restaurant business in Lahore will never fail as Lahoris love food. Historically and culturally Lahore has its own significance which adds value to the city from business perspective.