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Top 5 Best Libraries in Pakistan


In this article, we will tell our readers about the top 5 libraries in Pakistan.

Free Hall, Karachi

Free hall is a building in Karachi that was completed back in 1865. Originally it was built to serve as the town hall of Karachi but today is serves one of the best libraries in the country. The ground floor of the building has a big library with books and archives that date back to the pre-independence days.

National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad

The biggest national and research library in the capital is located near the constitution avenue. Information both recent and new can be accessed from this one of the oldest libraries in the country. The library has space for around 500 readers. It has 15 research rooms, a 450-seat auditorium along with offering computer and microfilm services.

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Iqbal Municipal Library, Murree

The Iqbal Municipal Library is located in Murree, Mall Road. The library has a huge collection of books on a variety of topics. After a huge fire in the last decade, the library was refurbished. Many books were lost but the literary circle of Murree played an essential role to keep the stock.

Allama Iqbal Library, Sialkot

It is a historical place that has an amazing collection of books in different languages. Sialkot is the city of the Poet of the Nation. The library located in Sialkot is also a museum with aircrafts being displayed there including personal belongings of Iqbal, old pictures and furniture.

Shahnawaz Bhutto Library, Larkana

This library was developed back in 1984. It was established by the Deputy Commissioner Larkana Late Mohd Hashim Memon. The library holds 8000 books and different newspapers and magazines in Sindhi, Urdu, and English language.

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