Top 4 countries from where Pakistan imports

Pakistan imports have been increasing dramatically since the last 3 to 5 years and its exports are declining. The trade deficit is almost doubled in the year 2017. China is the top country from where Pakistan imports the most goods.


China is the country from where Pakistan imports the most, from cars to needles all coming from China, not only in Pakistan, China exports to almost every country on the map now, China is the largest exporter of goods since 2009. According to official estimates, Chinese exports accounted for $1.904 in 2013, by now China would have crossed $2 trillion in exports. Chin also got the title of the largest trading nation in 2013.

China exports to Pakistan accounted for 28.3 percent in 2017, this means China has a share of 28.3% of Pakistan imports. Pakistan imports various products from China including consumer electronics, chemicals, food, agriculture equipment, machinery, iron, steel, home products, clothing, healthcare, and others.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the second largest share in Pakistan imports, Pakistan mainly imports Plastic, Rubber, crude oil, fertilizer, Aluminum, Perfumes & Cosmetics and chemicals from Saudi Arabia, apart from that Pakistan also import food items including dates, oils, olives etc. Saudi Arabia has 11 percent share in Pakistani market.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is just little behind Saudi Arabia, 10.9 percent of Pakistan imports come from the region. From UAE Oil, Plastic, Iron & Steel, ships, boats, and Machinery are the main imports.


Kuwait is the fourth largest exporter to Pakistan and Pakistan imports 5.7 percent of its imports from Kuwait. Like other GCC countries Pakistan imports almost the similar products from Kuwait including Oil, Chemicals, Iron & Steel, Plastics, wood pulp and furniture.

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