Top 3 most popular smartphone screen sizes in 2018 are 5.5-inch 6.0-inch and 5.1-inch—Report

Top 3 most popular smartphone screen sizes

There are many smartphones on the market nowadays and eventually, abundant screen sizes are available, but there are some screen sizes that are most popular around the world. The top 3 most popular screen sizes around the world are 5.5-inch being the most popular followed by 6.0-inch and 5.1-inch according to a report by Antutu.

A Chinese research company has revealed the data regarding most popular screen sizes around the globe, according to the data 37.27 percent which is the most in this case the screen sizes fall in the category of other which could include screen sizes other than 6.3-inch, 6.0-inch, 5.8-inch, 5.5-inch, 5.2-inch, and 5.1-inch.

5.5-inch screen size 20.26%

6.0-inch screen size 15.99%

5.1-inch screen size 9.51%


The data was collected against these 6 popular screen sizes in 2018, anything beyond these 6 screen sizes fell into the other category. However, screen size 5.5-inch won the race, the most popular screen size in 2018 is 5.5-inch which is 20.26 percent globally. The second most popular screen size is 6.0-inch with 15.99 percent of users globally.

The third most popular screen size globally is 5.1-inch with 9.51 percent penetration; the fourth most popular screen size is 5.8-inch with a percentage of 6.71. The screen size 6.3-inch only accounted for 5.25% of global penetration followed by the least popular 5.2-inch with 5 percent popularity.

5.5-inch screen size is the most popular one because it is the medium screen size neither small nor too big which is preferred among all types of users.

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