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Top 10 Most Valuable Retail Brands in The World

A brand consultancy company, Brand Finance released the ranking of most cherished and valued brands of 2018. The measures upon which it decided include investment, stakeholders and its business performance. It can help to monitor how much brands contribute to the company.

Top10 Most Valuable Retail Brands in The World

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In E-commerce branch, Amazon topped the list, followed by Walmart and Alibaba. Stores popular for home improvement like Home Depot, Lowe’s have retained their positions too.

Amazon has the lead in the market; it produces cloud infrastructure and electronics.  Its brand value is $150.81 billion.

Walmart is the second while maintain its position.

The Chinese company Alibaba has gained its value in e-commerce.

Home Depot is the choice of millions and according to the survey, sixty-four percent has this store as their choice. It has 2284 stores in North America.

Ikea has $24.35 billion brand value while persistent in its position.

CVS Health has brand value $20.6 billion and its value is down but in its some branches which are appearing as merger are reported to be progressing. is a fast merging Chinese company that even existed in the last year but without expectations, it has visibly emerged in the top ten brands. It has made the brand value of $19.62 billion.

Walgreens worth the value of $15.54 ranked at 8th position and it has come down since last year. In the recent quarter, the sales went down by 1.2%.

Lowe’s, the store for home appliances, ranked 9th in 2018 while having $14.08 billion. It held the same as last position. It has closed Orchard Supply Hardware and started focusing on its Lowe’s brand.

The lowest marked brand is Target, placed on 10th. Its brand value is $13.67 billion. It has lost its value fast and now is struggling to keep up with the other brands. Its same-day delivery has created a good impact on its reputation. In its second quarter, the sales went up to 6.5%.