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Top 10 Fat Countries in the World


In this article we will tell our readers about the top 10 countries in the world with highest percentage of obese population.


Palau is right at the top, the fattest country in the world. It has a 47.1% obese population. It is basically an island group with over 500 islands in the Pacific Ocean. It has over 20,000 population. This means that two out of five people in Palau are fat.

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Nauru, Maeshall Islands, Samao & Tonga

Nauru is another small Pacific Island country having the second most obese people in the world. The percentage of obese people in Nauru is 45.1% followed by Marshall Islands, Samoa, and Tonga with 42.3%, 41.6% and 41.1% obese population. All these countries lie in the Pacific Islands.


In Qatar 41% of the population is obese. Now the country is making efforts to control obesity in the country. Efforts are being made to fight diabetics, the most deadly disease caused by obesity.


40.1% of the population in Kiribati is obese. Back in 2016 the prevalence of female obesity in Kiribati was 50.4%.


39.6% of the population in Tuvalu is obese. Male obesity in Tuvalu grew from 30.4 % back in 1997 to 47 % in 2016. It increased at an average annual rate of 2.32 %.


38.3% of the population in Kuwait is obese. With a 40 degree temperature in the country, out door walking, jogging and other outdoor activities are almost nil. Also fast food eating culture has been adopted that has affected the health of the population.


36.6% of the Bahamas population is obese. The country was ranked as having the highest percentage of obese people in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Licenced nutritionist and dietitian Shandera talked about obesity in Bahamas and said, “Our diet for one is very different from that of other Caribbean islands. Culturally speaking, our idea of food has more fat, more sugar and salt. We eat a lot of things like peas and rice, macaroni, fried chicken and fast foods as well. We tend to drink a great deal of sweetened beverages and a lot of these beverages are marketed towards children. All of this contributes to obesity and overweight because these foods do very little for our bodies.”

Other than these ten countries Fiji, USA, UAE, Bahrain Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Federated States of Micronesia, Vanuatu, Trinidad and Tobago, Andorra, Libya, Antigua and Barbuda, Lebanon, New Zealand and Canada has 35.9%, 35%, 34.5%, 34.1%, 33.7%, 33.2%, 33.2%, 32.9%, 32.3%, 32.1%, 31.9%, 31%, 30.8%, 30.6%, and 30.1% of obese people respectively.