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Top 10 Countries Affected By Coronavirus Other Than China

The epidemic of Coronavirus is not getting anywhere near the end, the most affected country is obviously China where the virus first started. However, here is the list of top 10 countries that are affected by Coronavirus the most after China.

  1. South Korea

According to officially reported figures, South Korea has almost 833 people that are hit by Coronavirus so far.

2. Italy

Italy is the first country in Europe that has been affected by Coronavirus the most, according to the statistics Italy has 215 affected people in their country.

3- Japan

Japan is, however, closer to China but the country has fewer patients as compared to other nations, the country has a total number of 154 affectees until today.

4- Singapore

Singapore has also reported an increasing number of people hit by contagious disease, the total number of patients has increased to 89.

5- Hong Kong

Hong Kong is just next to China but has fewer numbers of reported patients; the country has a total of 79 people affected by the virus so far.

6- Iran

Iran has also witnessed a rapidly growing virus in their country; the country has received 61 patients so far.

7- Thailand

Thailand has a total number of 35 patients in the country.

8- United States

The United States has also observed 35 people affected by Coronavirus.

9- Taiwan

Taiwan is an Asian country hence more vulnerable than other nations, however, the country has only reported 30 Coronavirus patients so far.

10- Australia

Australia being far away from China couldn’t hold the disease out of its boundaries; the country has witnessed 22 coronavirus patients so far. It is important to mention here that the data presented here is collected from COVID 19 Global Cases website which collects data from WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, and DXY. The data could be delayed or not reported to these organizations might be missed from official figures.

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