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Top 10 Cities with Highest Salaries

Here is the list of 10 cities in the World with Highest Salaries

Monthly Salaries, Net of Taxes

  1. Zurich in Switzerland – Salary: $5,764
  2. San Francisco in the US – Salary:  $4,974
  3. New York City in the US – Salary: $4,115
  4. Sydney in Australia – Salary: $3,914
  5. Boston in the US – Salary: $3,740
  6. Oslo in Norway – Salary: $3,664
  7. Chicago in the US – Salary: $3,650
  8. Copenhagen in Denmark – Salary: $3,462
  9. Dubai in UAE – Salary: $3,447
  10. Frankfurt in Germany- Salary: $3,389
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48 cities were included in the study by Deutsche Bank. Zurich topped the list of cities with highest salaries. An average person living in Zurich earns $5,764 monthly, net of taxes. Two cities from the USA came on the second and third spot, San Franciso and New York. Sydney from Australia was ranked the fourth city with highest paid monthly salary. Then again American Boston state was ranked the fifth city with highest paid salaries. Oslo in Norway came 6th, while another USA state Chicago was ranked number 7th. In the last three spots were Copenhagen in Denmark, Dubai in the UAE and Frankfurt in Germany.

In the list, four states from the USA were included, so it seems that overall in terms of countries the USA leads in terms of paying highest salaries to its workers.

Lowest salaries were in Manila, Philippines, at $498 a month, in New Delhi $666 and Bangalore $764.

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