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Top 10 best teams in FIFA World Cup 2018

Here is the list of top 10 best teams in FIFA World Cup 2018, FIFA World Cup is the most popular and most awaited games of the world, nearly 3.4 billion people across the world in tuned to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 and FIFA is expected to generate the revenue of $6 billion from this worldwide event. The FIFA 2014 had an average attendance of over 50,000 according to, which is expected to increase in FIFA 2018.

There are over 50 nations that have best national teams but the only 32 has qualified to play in the big event. Some of the world’s top teams who have made histories in the previous World Cups could not qualify the FIFA 2018 including Cameroon, Netherlands, Chile, USA, and Italy.

However, Italy won the world cup in 2006 and Netherlands was the runner-up on FIFA 2014 still they couldn’t make it to the world cup 2018.

The teams face highs and the lows with the passage of time but the most prominent teams currently are in the game. The top ten best teams of FIFA World Cup 2018 are listed below.

Messi misses the penalty leaves Argentina to draw

10 Peru

Peru ranks at number 11 in FIFA world rankings but because of Chile number 10 could not qualify for the World Cup 2018 Peru is considered the 10th best team in FIFA World Cup 2018. Currently, the team is in a strong position and has the potential to beat anyone during the world cup games.


According to Fifa ranking, Spain is currently standing at number 10, not hot favorite in the FIFA World Cup 2018 though, the team is down for the last two world cups, despite winning the world cup 2010, the team couldn’t make it to quarterfinals in FIFA 2014 and in FIFA 2018 the team is ranked 10 and has fewer chances to be the champions this time.


Poland has performed really well in the last four years, they jumped two position up in the world rankings and secured the 8th best team in the world in 2018. The nation was not able to play any world cup after 2006. They were out in FIFA 2010 and FIFA 2014 but now they are back in again to give a hard time to the top teams of the world.



Many times favorite in World Cup games are ready to rumble, the nation was the runner-up in FIFA 2006 but couldn’t reach the quarterfinals in FIFA 2010, the team was beaten by Germany in quarterfinals in FIFA world cup 2014 and now back again struggling to appear at least in quarterfinals.


They played quite well in the last world cup in 2014 but unfortunately, the team wasn’t able to reach quarterfinals, let see what difference they are going to make in FIFA world cup 2018. However, the team is not among the favorites in this event.

5 Argentina

The previous world up 2014 runner-up is one of the favorite teams again in this world cup, people have hopes on some of the key players including the world’s top player Lionel Messi who has done everything in his career except winning the world cup for his country.

4 Portugal

Portugal has been playing the FIFA world cup since 2002 but it seems the bad luck in big events is always associated with them. Portugal reached semifinals in FIFA world cup 2006 after that they couldn’t make it to quarterfinals. But the team is one of the favorites in this world cup having some key players including the world’s number 1 Christiano Ronaldo can make the real difference for the country.

3 Belgium

Belgium was out of the tournament in 2006 and 2010 but they were in quarterfinals in FIFA world cup 2014 beaten by Argentina. This time the team is likely to make it to the quarterfinals and who know they can even take it to next level.

2 Brazil

Brazil is the most successful team in the history of FIFA world cups, the country has won 5 world cup titles so far, and the nation has produced some remarkable and world-renowned footballers. The nation is currently ranked at number 2 in FIFA world rankings and the second most favorite world cup teams.


1 Germany

Germany is the team known for consistency; the current world cup champions are going to defend well and fight to retain their title. Germany is the hot favorite team to win this world cup however, miracles can happen in world cup games. The team is ranked number one in FIFA world rankings, the current champions and the hot favorite team might get them a 5th world cup title.