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Tomato Prices to Decrease in Karachi

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Pakistan wild be importing tomatoes from Iran for managing the shortage in Karachi. This would lead to a reduction in tomato prices.

The prices of tomatoes rose up to Rs.300 per kilogram after a shortage developed owing to the excess in rain leading to a destruction of the majority of tomato fields. The problem became a hot topic as the consumers got horrified with excessive prices. The government has now given 7 firms in Quetta permits for importing 4,500 tons of tomatoes from Iran for 3-4 weeks.

The Fruit and Vegetable Association has given confirmation that the permits have been granted.

The Iranian tomatoes would be entering the market from today and the prices are anticipated to reduce.

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The traders, but, say that because these tomatoes come through the route of Afghanistan, they would cost them Rs.200 per kilogram.

Saddam Athar Khan—the secretary of the Vegetable Import Association said that these tomatoes are coming back to Pakistan via the Afghanistan route, a 40tonne truck of tomatoes costs around Rs.1 million. He said that the government should directly import tomatoes from Iran.

He mentioned that if these tomatoes come directly from Iran-Pakistan Taftan border, their prices would be decreased to half.

The government has given permission for the trading of tomatoes during a meeting of importers with the apex officials of the Ministry of National Food Security, other authorities and the Ministry of Commerce on the 14th of November.

The problem would only be solved by growing new fields in other parts of the nation. Khalid Akbar—a trader said that the tomato fields and other vegetables in Sindh were ruined owing to rains. Things would be getting better from the next month after the tomatoes would enter the next round of market.

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